Scotty Dudebro

The ladies love me


Who is Scotty Dudebro?

Its hard to sum a man this great up in only a few words. Scotty is a retired computer programer who made his millions and then decided life was too short to live stuck behind a computer screen. So he ventured out into the world and began having fun. All the time.

After another jaded friend complained about how hard it was to get laid, Scotty started thinking. Why is it so hard for some men when Scotty just walks into the room and panties start dropping? After watching losers fail again and again, in club after club, he realized the secret.

GAME! And he has it, by the truck load.

Scotty soon decided it was wrong to hog all these beautiful women to himself, he decided to do the impossible. Try to teach GAME to the poor sobs who weren’t graced to be born with it.

And now here he is, spreading the knowledge to you.

Let the GAME begin!

*NOTE* This blog is satire. Poorly done, but satire none-the-less. It’s a joke, but then so are most PUAs so it is understandable if any readers get confused. The blog writer does not condone sexism, racism, abuse, transphobia, homophobia, or any of the other bullshit spouted by PUAs. But she sure as hell will point it out as often as she can.

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