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Over on the PUA Forum, a young man by the username of mark2196 has a problem with his negs. They got him slapped.

The guys try to help him out of this situation the usual pussy-whipped advice. Be more subtle, don’t insult her, use backhanded compliments, so on and so forth. Guys? This isn’t helpful. Saying crap like “wow, you’re hair is so pretty, if you put some extensions up in there it would be so much better, you’d be like beyonce or something” does nothing to show her what a true alpha male you are.

First, you’re still keeping her up on her high horse by telling her that she’s pretty. Cut that shit out.

Second, you’re letting her know that there is at least woman (in this case Beyonce) who controls you. Cut that shit out.

And you’re basically giving her advice on how to control you (through extensions). Cut that shit out.

You want to know why your negs aren’t working, because you are only negging yourself. You’ve got to use GAME fellas, let her know that you’re the top dog in every situation.

Now, I’ve mentioned before that a good way to establish your alpha cred is to throw a good punch right after you tell her your name. Seriously, nothing makes girls understand that you’re in charge better than random and unprovoked violence. Don’t even wait to know her name first, it’s probably Britney or Chloe or some other girl name anyway. Who cares!

Now, say you have the same situation this poor guy had. He harmlessly tells a girl that she’s crazy and that she’s a despo and reacts by flying off the handle and slapping him. Seriously, some girls just can’t handle polite conversation. Anyway, how should you handle this?

Use it to your advantage! Trust me, any girl that will slap you for no reason whatsoever like that is probably the kind of girl who would get all hysterical about slipping a roofie in her drink. You don’t want that kind of drama. Instead, find a new target, preferably someone who saw or at least heard the slap.Use this moment as a chance for her to convince you how she’s not like “other girls.”

“Can you believe her? I tell her that she’s crazy and she slaps me!”

“What was she doing crazy?”

“She was getting all bent out of shape because I suggested women are nothing more than lubricated holes.”

“Oh, how horrible. Let me tell you how I’m not like those girls!”

And presto, you’re in. The deal practically seals itself at that point, you don’t even have to make an effort. The GAME plays itself.



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