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Getting serious? A warning tale

Hey guys, I’m back. I want to say that I’m sorry for not posting for several days here. You see, when you’re this rich and amazing sometimes you just need a break away from it all, so I flew over to Eastern Europe where the girls still act like girls and GAME is practically not even necessary. It was a nice break to be waited on hand and foot by hot slutty feminine girls who are just yearning for a strong Alpha to come into their lives for a few hours.

While I was gone I was sent an article about a man who sued his wife for divorce and won $120,000. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why the hell did he get married? You know, girls are just meant to be pumped and dumped. Sure, you might keep one around for a few weeks if she’s good at sex, cooking, and cleaning, but you do not fucking marry her. Well, this poor chump married her and then soon learned her horrible secret: she was an uggo.

A Chinese divorced and sued his wife for $120,000 for being ugly and won, according to a story posted on the website of Macedonian International News Agency (Mina).

The story goes that Jian Feng, who was from Northern China, was so in love with his beautiful wife until they had a baby girl, who was said to be so ugly it horrified him.

As the baby resembled neither parents, Feng demanded to know who the father was. His wife was forced to admit that she had spent $100,000 for intense plastic surgery from South Korean surgeons to look radically different.

Feng eventually divorced and sued his wife under the terms that she had gotten him to marry her under false pretenses. He won and received the $120,000 he requested

Yep, some ugly chick thought she could hide her horror under plastic surgery.

Guys, this is why we don’t marry them. She might be hot enough for a bang now and then, but you don’t know what lurks within her DNA. Hell, you run the risk just by staying the night after a bang of seeing her in the morning without make up and realizing it was a horrible mistake.

Unlike fat, ugly girls can cleverly disguise their uggo-status in a number of ways. It may be too late by the time you realize that the HB10 you hooked up with actually escapes from the dog kennel. The best, and really only, solution is to avoid relationships unless you can be 100% certain there’s no flaws hidden under recreated bone structure.

  • Stalk her facebook, as well as those of her friends and family. This will give you a chance to see multiple photos of her, both current and past tense. How hot was she 5 years ago, 10, 15? Does she look as look after a weekend camping trip as she does at the club? Is her hair and face always perfect? And while you’re at it, check her family’s photos too. A hot girl with uggo sisters has the potential to pass on uggly genes to your offspring if she decides to spermjack you.
  • Stalk her in real life too. Girls are notorious for only posting photos to facebook that make them look good. A girl might spend hours to get the perfect “Just woke up” photo, so when in doubt: see for yourself. Follow her to the gym, the grocery store, and other places where she might go without her defensive coating of make up. Is she still hot after an hour on the elliptical? You might be surprised.
  • When in her home, check out her bathroom for clues. Is there a lot of make up and hair products hidden in there? Search cabinets, drawers, and any hiding spots you can find. She won’t need all that crap if she’s naturally hot, so owning more than a few items could be a sign that she’s secretly an uggo.
  • If you’re still in doubt, then just forget about it. Listen to your gut on this, if there is any lingering doubt that she might not be good enough in any way, run for the hills. And by hills, I mean the perfect, naturally perky DD breasts on a perfectly thin girl. Who looks that good without any effort.

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