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Reistance is futile

Often, some guys will complain about LMR, or last minute resistance. You know, when you’re ready to go and she’s whining about “I have a headache” or “Who the hell are you” or “Please, I won’t call the cops if you just leave now.”

The men of the Reddit Seduction forum have a decent definition of what LMR is.

LMR– Last-Minute Resistance. This is when the girl puts up some sort of defense before sex, usually when you’re both naked or nearly naked. The girl might actually be uncomfortable or not want to have sex for whatever reason, or she might be giving token resistance. It’s your job to make a value judgment and decide how you should handle it, based on what she says, or her body language, or the general vibe, or whatever signs you can interpret.

Guys sometimes wonder what they should do when this comes up. Should you stop, take your time, or just plow right through with the satisfaction that she’ll be thanking you in 15 minutes? One PUA gives this bit of advice, which is almost helpful:

“No” when you try to take off her jeans or shirt means… “You need to turn me on a lot more.”
“No” when you try to take off her bra means… “Try again in five minutes.”
“No” when you try to take off her panties means… “Don’t give up now!”

I’m here to tell you fellas, with real GAME you can get through any token LMR she might be putting up.

See, when I say he’s almost helpful its because he’s got the first two instances wrong. The correct answer for all of those situations, and any other LMR you might encounter, is simply “Don’t give up now!”

Girls like to think they’re the gatekeepers of some magical pussy that we’re all eager to get. The problem is, for every one girl who shoots you down there are 50 more waiting to ride the train. You’ve got to let her know that she’s far from special and that you won’t be doing and dance to get the good.

  • Let her know, right off the bat, that you’re the one in demand. “There are plenty of other girls who would love to be you right now. So what are you crying for?” This immediately puts you in a place of power, and tells her that if she doesn’t stop with the hard to get crap, you’ll just walk.
  • Assert yourself as the Alpha male, in whatever way you can. A good smack across the face can work wonders for preventing any possible LMR that might come up. Remember “Me man, you woman” is all they’re really after, so give it to them. Push her against the wall hard, throw her on the bed, rough her up a little, whatever it takes to make your Alpha status clear.
  • If you’re ripping off her clothes and she starts whining “no”, just go deaf. You don’t hear a thing. Once you have her in your fucknest, its too late to stop now. You want it, she has it, and that’s all there is to it.

Now, you might worry that she could spin that LMR into a false-rape allegation. Yeah, it’s understandable. The next morning, she’s telling the sordid details to her uggo girlfriends, and they manage to twist her mind into thinking a little playful banter now makes it rape. If you’e followed my steps, but now she’s whimpering about “no” and you’re worried, there is one simple, and a little sexy, solution.

Get that yes!

Tell her straight out, that you want to hear yes. No, I’m not talking about the “mutual consent” contract crap that feminists rage about. Be aggressive and manly, and demand that she says yes. While you’re getting down to business, just tell her what to say.

  • Tell me you like it!
  • Tell me you want more!
  • Tell me this turns you on!

If you have to, grab your phone and leave it on the nightstand. Many phone have apps that can record a few minutes at a time. And don’t worry, you can always edit the recording later to leave out the parts no one else needs to hear. You know, for privacy. One listen to that and no judge in this land would convict you, and the cops might even high five you afterwards.


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