Scotty Dudebro

The ladies love me

Welcome home, Betas!

  Welcome gentlemen. Grab a cold beer and pull up a seat, ’cause shit is about to get real.

The name is Scotty, Scotty Dudebro, and I am a master PUA (pick up artist for those not in the know). I wake up each morning with the warm glow of knowing that women literally drop their panties every time I walk into the room. Is it my devilish good looks? My out of this solar system IQ? My subtle mastery of wit and charm?

Well, yeah. But it is also my sure-fire, never fails, guaranteed to get pussy GAME.

I got it, and you don’t. And that’s why you’re sitting at home right now, eating Cheetos, jerking off, and stumbling blindly through the internet to find the magic spell to turn your dreams into a reality. Well congratulations, you just found it!

I’m here to lay it all out. How I go home with not one, but three or four different women each night. How I can fly to any country on earth and get laid before my luggage rolls down the ramp. And how just the mention of my name makes women orgasm. Yes son, I’ll spilling the beans on what those other so-called PUA masters don’t tell you.

Yeah, I tried reading some of those other sites once or twice. And each time I walked away laughing. Those men wouldn’t know pussy if you slapped them in the face with it. Only I, Scotty Dudebro, can share the real secrets of banging HB-10s each and every night.

Day game? Night game? Please, I’ve got GAME.

Get ready for some truth bombs.


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