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Drama After Sex

So a well know PUA claims that he’s encountered drama after sex, leaving him to worry about a false-rape accusation.

My response? That’s because you didn’t have GAME.

It’s not uncommon for American girls to “flip” after sex and make a 180 degree turn once her emotional high of attraction comes down. She can go immediately silent, ask you to leave, start crying, or get angry. I’ve had degrees of all four happen to me, leaving me in a stressful state on how to deal with a girl whose feelings could bring the judicial hammer upon my head even though I didn’t do anything wrong. Should I be nice to her? Should I storm out? Should I have recorded the interaction with my phone?

It is actually very uncommon to have a girl flip out if you went into sex the right way.

Here’s 4 simple steps any man can take to avoid sticking your dick in crazy.

      • Let her know, from the start, that you are in charge. Don’t wait for her to start crying after sex, whining about how she didn’t want to or you drugged her or some other tired excuse. Be upfront before you even start. A few people almost get it here in this conversation on Reddit:

But I’m saying, don’t wait for her to start nagging you or sulking or calling the cops. Nothing shows her better what a true Alpha you are, and puts her in her place, than a quick punch to the face. Just walk up, introduce yourself, and then *BAM*. She’ll get in line quicker than you can slip a roofie into her drink.

    • Separate her from her pack. You’ve all been there, a sexy slut is making eyes at you from across the room when suddenly her ugly friends jump out of no where to claim that you’re being creepy. Yes, girls like to bring their ugly friends along to set a backdrop, to show just how gorgeous they are in comparison. But then the uggos get jealous that they aren’t getting any attention and try to cockblock you. The easiest way to avoid this is not to give them a chance. Grab her early, and get her alone. Away from witnesses prying eyes. She might try to keep her girlfriends close by saying things like “They’re going to look for me if I don’t come back soon” or some other nonsense. Just let her know, in no uncertain terms, that she is alone and that’s the way it is going to stay.
    • Negging is for wimps. Yeah, you tell her how great it is that she’s eating a salad instead of a full meal, and then wonder why she gets hysterical after sex? Because negging is too subtle, and still gives her a feeling of power. Women need to be controlled, to be dominated, to be reminded of why they are here. Don’t try the oblivious negging that so many suggest, be open and honest. If she’s got some baby fat, tell her “You need to lose 20lbs now, cow.” If she’s got a bad hair cut, be honest “Did a fucking seagull die on your head.” Open communication is absolutely important, it lets her know exactly what your intentions are and exactly where her place is.
    • Remember, money equals power. Some PUAs will tell you not to buy her dinner on a first date, then suggest buying her a drink or spending cash on something flashy to show what an Alpha you are. The second you open your wallet, she’s in charge. So no matter how much money is burning a hole in your pocket, keep it to yourself. Sure, let her know that you can buy and sell her a thousand times over, but when it comes time to pay for anything the tab’s on her. And don’t just ask nicely, let her know in no uncertain terms that she’s the one who needs to pay for the pleasure of your company. Remember, there are hundreds of other girls out there that will be more than happy to fork over some cash for a man like you.

There it is, a simple 4 step GAMEplan that keeps all the drama at bay.

You’ll thank me in the morning.


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