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Turn that frown upside down

Over on the PUA Forum, a young man by the username of mark2196 has a problem with his negs. They got him slapped. The guys try to help him out … Continue reading

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Drama After Sex

So a well know PUA claims that he’s encountered drama after sex, leaving him to worry about a false-rape accusation. My response? That’s because you didn’t have GAME. It’s not … Continue reading

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Welcome home, Betas!

  Welcome gentlemen. Grab a cold beer and pull up a seat, ’cause shit is about to get real. The name is Scotty, Scotty Dudebro, and I am a master … Continue reading

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Slut, or sectret feminist misandry opperative?

Fellas, I’ve got to break from GAME posts for a minute to discuss an important topic that a brave soul on Reddit brought up: feminism destroying women. As you all … Continue reading

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Getting serious? A warning tale

Hey guys, I’m back. I want to say that I’m sorry for not posting for several days here. You see, when you’re this rich and amazing sometimes you just need … Continue reading

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Reistance is futile

Often, some guys will complain about LMR, or last minute resistance. You know, when you’re ready to go and she’s whining about “I have a headache” or “Who the hell … Continue reading

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Fat girls? In my world?

Its 4:30 in the morning, and I just got through banging two HB10s, sent them packing, and decided to relax online for a little bit. For fun, I decide to … Continue reading

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Help! My girlfriend might be a feminist!

A friend called me the other day with a worrying situation. His girlfriend, whom he had been with for months, was starting to make noises like she might be falling … Continue reading

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